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With over 18 years of experience in designing and developing web applications, I am currently serving as a tech lead at Universal Orlando Resort, where I lead and mentor a dynamic team of frontend engineers. I am passionate about creating innovative and engaging user experiences using the latest front end and backend technologies.

I’m dedicated to seamlessly connecting design and development. My drive is fueled by crafting custom software and refining processes, all aimed at enhancing collaboration, amplifying productivity, and speeding up delivery.


Angular 2 -17

8+ years experience

React / JSX

4+ years experience


8+ years experience


4+ years experience

Web Components StencilJS

4+ years experience

Design Systems / Tokens

4+ years Enterprise experience.

RESTful API Express, NestJS

8+ years experience both creating and consuming

Redux State Management

4+ years experience

MicroServices Architecture

8+ years experience

CI/CD, DevOps, NoOps, IaC

8+ years experience

SQL & NoSQL Databases

8+ years experience both creating and consuming

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